As is the case with most things, the path to positive mental health starts with a plan.  And in order for that plan to be successful, it must start with accurate information.

In the case of positive mental health, the first step in the plan is a psychiatric evaluation.

Simply put, a psychiatric evaluation is an assessment designed to identify emotional, behavioral or developmental conditions and disorders.

At HopeSpring Health, we sit together to determine if there is a mental disorder, and more importantly, what we can do jointly to treat it.

Every person and every case is distinctive. With the help of the psychiatric evaluation, we explore developmental, medical and family history, as well as how you may have been influenced by social and environmental issues. We also explore concerns you may be having in your work or academic environments and your cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

Just as each individual is unique, the psychiatric evaluation may differ in every case.

As an example, a psychiatric evaluation with a young person may include an initial session for the parents only, followed by an individual session with the child. It may be that the initial session includes parents and child.

For an adult, the psychiatric evaluation may be a single session that culminates with a treatment plan.

The psychiatric evaluation may even include lab tests. This would be to determine if there is an underlying physical, medical condition involved.

So, the goal of the psychiatric evaluation is to create a plan to successfully improve your mental health. In some ways, it can be compared to the examination a doctor may give you before determining how to treat a physical ailment.

In either case the goal is to have the best, most accurate information to put you on a path to better health.