Maintaining good mental health is a challenge at any time. Certainly, in 2020, that challenge has been further exacerbated for many of us as we deal with the ongoing effects of the pandemic.

The added stress, isolation, uncertainty and other factors with our current circumstances can create mental health issues for anyone and magnify these issues for anyone already dealing with them.

Coping with these issues can often best be accomplished with a mix of therapy and medication.

However, treatment is often complicated if you are using multiple professionals to help you cope.

If one professional is focusing on your therapy and another prescribing your medication, you may not be getting the optimum results you want. That’s why our strategy at
HopeSpring Health may be the right solution for you.

HopeSpring Health is here to help people who need the appropriate mix of mental health care and psychiatric medication management to effectively deal with life.

As is the case with all new patients, we start with a psychiatric evaluation. This evaluation includes our assessment and diagnosis of your mental health.

With this evaluation in hand, a treatment plan is created. This plan generally includes a mix of medication and psychotherapy.

The importance of medication cannot be dismissed. Medication plays a vital role in treatment. The right medication can often reduce or eliminate symptoms and result in an improved quality of life.

But we are aware of the potential pitfalls with medication. So, as you progress through treatment, we incorporate medication management to make sure prescriptions are
being used carefully and correctly.

As treatment continues, it is likely that adjustments may need to be made in medication to achieve the best results.

All of this is done with one goal in mind – to help you function at the best mental health level possible. That’s the case whether we are in these uniquely challenging times or at any other point in your life.